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About Me

I am a registered clinical social worker with over 30 years of addiction and mental health experience in hospital and community settings including: sexual assault and domestic abuse counselling programs, forensic psychiatry and mental health clinics. 


I have years of experience providing clinical supervision, as well as teaching counselling theory and skills. 


In my current practice, I see adults with a wide variety of issues. 

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Specializing in Individual counseling through confidential video conferencing


Whether you are experiencing persistent worry and fear, to panic attacks, anxiety can feel overwhelming and impact the quality of your life.  Together we can work to reduce this so you can feel in control again.

Grief and Loss

There are many types of grief and loss, such as experiencing a sudden death of a loved one, or loss after a long period of illness and caregiving.  Loss can also be experienced when important relationships end, or there are changes that are outside of one's control.  Grief and feelings of loss are heavy emotions that can impact every aspect of an individual's life.

Recovery Management

Recovery from problematic substance use could include managing stress, cravings, shame that you may be carrying or developing, and maintaining healthy routines.  Counselling can help bolster your resilience and build on your progress.  


Relationships, either work or personal, can be difficult to navigate.  I am here to work with you to make sense of it all, and support your goals moving forward. 


Historical or recent trauma.  Counselling can help you feel safe, supported, and in control of your life.

Life Transitions

From a new career, or changes in one's health, transitions can be hard to manage.  Counselling can support a positive adjustment to these life transitions.


Managing stress is important for health, wellbeing and relationships.  Since we cannot remove all stresses in our lives, it is important to understand how its impacting your life.  Counselling can help you find ways to reduce and manage this stress so it is not taking over your life.

Low Mood

Low mood, irritability, and persistent loss of pleasure in life can impact our physical health, relationships, and wellbeing.  Low mood, if left too long, can become depression.  There are ways to prevent things from feeling worse and counselling can help you achieve your goals, so that you can live your best life possible.  

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